12:22. Central lock

Mercedes of the S-class can be equipped with the central lock. It is about the device which is located in several places of the car and it can be put in action not only from the driver's door, but from a door of the second driver, and at the additional equipment also by means of infrared remote control. The central lock consists of pneumatic knot of management, the feeding pipelines and functional and control elements on separate locks of the car. The pneumatic knot of management is on the right sideways in the luggage compartment. It supplies with vacuum or high pressure system of the central lock, in case of need also a seatback (a multiplanimetric back) and an inlet tube of the diesel.

At turn of a key in the lock of a door or a luggage carrier the delivery pump in pneumatic knot of management begins to rotate, Depending on the direction of turn of a key in the lock the pump rotates to the right or to the left and makes at the same time depression or elevated pressure. On hoses pressure is transferred to separate functional elements, separate locks open as a result or blocked.