8.5. Transmission

1. Clutch plate
2. Press disk
3. Coupling switching off coupling bearing
4. Coupling switching off fork
5. The screw with an internal hexagon, 25 N. of m.

Coupling consists of a press clutch plate, a clutch plate (the conducted disk) and a hydraulic control system. Press and conducted disks are located on an engine flywheel.

Press the clutch plate is connected to a flywheel which is screwed together with a bent shaft of the engine. Between a press clutch plate which is squeezed out by a press clutch plate to a flywheel. The conducted disk is aligned by a gear main shaft of the transmission.

At a nazhimaniye-legged on a coupling pedal (coupling squeezing) by means of the cylinder sensor pressure is created and via the hydraulic pipeline it is transferred to the distributive cylinder of coupling which is screwed together with the transmission gear. The piston of the cylinder of the distributing device by means of a fork of switching off of coupling squeezes out the bearing of the coupling of switching off of coupling towards a dish-shaped spring of a press disk and slightly raises it. Thanks to it there is free a clutch plate between a flywheel and a press disk, and thus communication between the engine and the transmission is liquidated.

If the pedal of coupling comes back to the top situation (coupling inclusion), press the disk squeezes out the conducted clutch plate to a flywheel. Power short circuit as the pressed conducted clutch plate by means of gear gearing is rigidly connected with a transmission shaft is again formed.

At inclusion and switching off of coupling because of easy process of slipping the frictional overlay of the conducted disk is a little used up. Therefore, the conducted clutch plate is a high-wear part, however the average term of its service makes more than 100 000 kilometers of a run of the car. Wear depends substantially on loading (for example, operation of the car with the trailer) and on the mode of the movement. Coupling does not demand maintenance.

The 2,0 l engines with the conditioner, and also of 2,2 and 2,8 l are equipped with a two-case flywheel. The two-case flywheel has spring and depreciation system to reduce transfer of the tortional fluctuations developed by the engine. Thanks to it transfer of noise in the lower range of frequency of rotation in addition decreases. The clutch plate for this flywheel consists in addition of a nave, a gripping guard and a frictional overlay of coupling. Press the disk and the bearing of the coupling of switching off of coupling are also adjusted to the changed placement conditions.