12.6. Door lock


Lock of a back door

1 – a core for actuating of a door from within
2 – blocking mechanism
3 – door lock
4, 5 – clips
6 – the depression pipeline for ABS
7, 8 – bolts

1. Disconnect the pipeline of the centralized blocking from the door lock.
2. Unscrew a bolt (7) of a cover of the lock (9). The cover can be dismantled only together with the door lock.
3. Get the door lock through an opening in a door tin.


1. Put the door lock with the blocking mechanism.
2. Fix the lock by three bolts of fastening with m 8 N.' moment.

At first tighten both bolts on the forward party of a door.

3. For a forward door: check a gap between the handle bracket and a control lever of the door lock. Install the door handle.
4. Paste exactly, without folds a covering film.
5. Hang an exhaust core for actuating of a door from within and fix by clips.
6. Establish an internal covering of a door.