3.2.17. Maple ridge belt

Maple belt (standard design)

1. Tension roller
2. Belt pulley of a bent shaft
5. Belt pulley of the generator of three-phase current
7. Belt pulley of the pump of the amplifier of steering
8. Belt pulley of the pump of cooling liquid

The maple belt puts in action all additional units of the engine. Ridge maple the belt is wider, than usual maple the belt also has many edges on inside. Ridge maple the belt stretches by means of the automatic pulling device consisting of a spring of stretching, a tension roller and the shock-absorber. The shock-absorber provides a uniform tension of a belt in all range of turns of the engine. Depending on the equipment of the car maple the belt has various length.


1. Remove the hydraulic coupling of the fan.


The cap nut has the left carving.

2. Release the pulling device, turn off a nut with a fillet (378).
3. Insert a core into an opening of the lever of a tension of a spring (374) and press them against effort of a spring of stretching (380) to the left (in the direction of the masloizmeritelny probe) until the bolt (375) unloads so that it can be pushed out in the direction of an inlet pipe. As a core it is possible to use a wrench from the onboard tool of the car or the lever about 300 mm long and with a diameter of 12-13 mm.
4. Slowly release the spring tension lever, wring out a tension roller and take off maple a belt.


1. Check profiles of belt pulleys for absence of damage and pollution if it is necessary, clean or replace pulleys. At the same time pay attention to holes in belt pulleys and the loosened places of fastening of the pulling device.
2. In the presence of holes on a pulley replace it. Replace also the tension device if fastening support are loosened.
3. Surely replace the ridge maple belts having pollution between ledges of edges, belts with cross cracks and the broken edges.
4. Slightly raise a tension roller, turn a belt from the back so that the small loop was formed, and push it between belt pulleys of the pump of cooling liquid and a bent shaft.
5. Strong press ridge maple a belt to a belt pulley of the pump of cooling liquid and at the same time turn a belt pulley (shooter) to the left until the belt appears on a tension roller.

6. Impose maple a ridge belt on a tension roller and a belt pulley of a bent shaft. Then, turning a free part of a belt, impose it on belt pulleys of the cooling compressor, the pump of the amplifier of steering, the pump of cooling liquid and the generator of three-phase current.

7. By means of a core (1) turn the lever of a tension of a spring (2) to the left until it allows a bolt (3). The belt tension is so carried out. (4 – the stretching spring)
8. Tighten a nut with a fillet (1).

9. Check durability of landing of a maple ridge belt on belt pulleys.

10. Install the hydraulic coupling of the fan.