1. For raising of a cowl pull in the direction of an arrow the lock lever (3) at the left and slightly raise a cowl that there was no fixing of the lock lever. Disconnect the right lock lever and establish an engine cowl vertically.


The left lock lever has to enter the top clamp.

2. Disconnect a weight(s) cable from the accumulator.

At the same time the anticreeping code of radio is erased. Before a detachment of the battery it is necessary to read instructions in the section on removal and installation of the battery.

3. Disconnect an air hose (shooter) from the air filter and the diffuser, having turned at the same time slightly a hose and having squeezed it on length.
4. Remove the air filter.
5. Unscrew a cross beam (1) with a strut (2) (shooters).
6. Disconnect draft of a cowl of the engine.
7. Dismantle a cable of management of gas and put aside.
8. Disconnect all electric wires going from a body to the engine previously having marked them an adhesive tape. For example:
   – remove the plug with a thermoswitch;
   – turn off fastening of wires of candles of an incandescence (the size of a key of 10 mm) and take from holders;

In some models of fastening of a nut not to lose, are inserted into cable tips.

   – conditioner: disconnect electrical wire from the conditioner compressor.
9. Disconnect and take electrical wires from holders.

10. Disconnect all hoses of depression which go from a body to a motor compartment. For example:
   – unscrew a depression hose for the amplifier of braking from the vacuum pump.

11. Remove fuel-supply lines, previously having marked them an adhesive tape for simplification of the subsequent installation. Blot the acted fuel with a rag.
12. Raise the car.
13. Remove the lower cover of a motor compartment.
14. Disconnect a positive cable (X4) from a contact element on the lower party of the car at the left and put from above the engine.
15. Unscrew a flange of withdrawal of an exhaust pipe from a final collector.
16. Merge cooling liquid.
17. Remove a radiator.

In cars with the conditioner right after removal of a radiator install a protective guard on the condenser.

18. Disconnect all hoses of cooling liquid between the engine and a body, previously having weakened and having completely cast away the fixing collars.
19. Remove the plug of the switch of pressure of oil (43) and the sensor of level of oil (44).
20. Disconnect electrical wires (45) from a starter.
21. Exempt a plait (46) from the holder.
22. Remove shtekkerny connection from the generator of three-phase current.