12.5. Handle of a back door

The handle of a back door on a design is similar to the handle of a forward door, first of all distinctions are provided below.


1. Get a door sealant at height of the door lock from a door groove.
2. Unscrew on 5 turns a bolt with an internal hexagon (shooter) a face key of 3 mm in size through an opening at doors. The bolt with an internal hexagon is available through an opening (10) on the forward party of a door.
3. Extend a back guide of a door at first back, and then outside.
4. Extend the door handle with laying from a basic bracket back. The basic bracket, if necessary, can be removed from the inside of a door. For this purpose, however, it is necessary to remove a door covering.
5. Remove rubber laying of the handle of a door.


1. Insert the door handle with laying and at the same time enter into the operating lever of the door lock.
2. Establish a back guide.
3. Fix the door lock by a bolt with an internal hexagon.
4. Establish a sealant of a door and check work of a door.