8.4.4. Device of neutralization of exhaust gases of the diesel car

Diesel engines of the S-class are serially equipped with the catalyst and system of recirculation of exhaust gases. The catalyst is located in system of production of exhaust gases in the forward final pipeline instead of the additional muffler.

The case of the catalyst (1), and also tubular accessions are manufactured of high-quality steel. The layer of precious metal applied on the catalyst promotes additional oxidation of exhaust gases. The monolith (3), sensitive to pushes, is fixed by means of wire cloth (2).

In the diesel engine the so-called oxidizing catalyst is used. On this catalyst there is an oxidation of monocarbon monoxide (SO) and hydrocarbons (NANOSECONDS) to the water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) harmless to the environment.

At recirculation of exhaust gases their part gets back to the combustion chamber again. By means of it combustion temperature decreases that leads to smaller formation of an oxide of nitrogen (NOX).