3.2.18. The pulling device of a maple ridge belt


1. Remove the hydraulic coupling of the fan.


The cap nut has the left carving.

2. Remove a fan casing.
3. Take off maple a ridge belt.
4. Wring out the screw-driver a locking cover of a tension roller.
5. Unscrew a tension roller.
6. 2,0 l engine: unscrew a belt pulley of the pump of cooling liquid.
7. Unscrew the belt tension device shock-absorber.
8. Unhook a stretching spring.
9. Unscrew a conical bolt from the spring tension lever, previously having wrung out a locking cover.
10. Remove the spring tension lever, track at the same time safety of a sealing ring and pro-masonry washer.


1. Install the spring tension lever with a sealing ring and a pro-masonry washer and tighten with the moment 100 N. of m.

Clear a carving a wire brush before installation and cover with sealant (the carving needs to be degreased).

2. Insert a locking cover.
3. Hang a stretching spring.
4. Twirl the shock-absorber of the pulling device above with m 25 N.' moment, and below with m 20 N.' moment.

If you install the new shock-absorber, then previously surely remove air from it. For this purpose in the provision of installation several times move a piston rod backwards-forward.

5. 2,0 l engine: twirl a belt pulley of the pump of cooling liquid with m 10 N.' moment (a bolt with an internal hexagon) or 15 N. of m (the torsion bolt).
6. Screw a tension roller with m 25 N.' moment (the engine of 2,0 l) or 30 N. of m (the l engine 2,2 / 2,5). Insert a locking cover.
7. Establish maple a ridge belt.
8. Establish a fan casing.
9. Install the hydraulic coupling of the fan.