10.4. Steering trapeze

Steering draft and levers of a steering trapeze are connected with each other to the help of ball hinges and do not understand.


1. Designate paint the provision of forward wheels in relation to a nave. Thanks to it the removed wheel can be put on that place in which it was before. Release wheel bolts on the car standing on the earth, then put it on supports, unscrew bolts completely and remove forward wheels.
2. Unscrew the steering shock-absorber (46) from steering draft (11). Unscrew fixing nuts of hinges of the pendular lever (26) from a bipod of the steering mechanism (23) and on rotary fists. At the same time hold pins of hinges a key with an internal hexagon of SW 5.
3. Remove hinges of a steering trapeze by means of a stripper 050 or HAZET 779.


Do not damage rubber cuffs.


1. Move hinges for pins. At the increased ease of the course or if there is a side play, replace a tip of the lever of a steering trapeze.

The left hinge of a trapeze is intended only for turns (does not bend).

2. Check boots regarding damage and leakage (a vystupaniye of the lubricant which is contained in them). If boots are damaged, replace a draft tip, respectively, draft since the dirt which got inside puts out of action the hinge for a short time.

If the cuff is damaged only at removal, then it is enough to replace a cuff.


1. Clear of lubricant of a pin of hinges of a trapeze, and also seats in the operating levers.
2. Densely insert pins of hinges into cones of the corresponding levers.
3. Wrap new самоконтрящиеся nuts, holding a pin a key with an internal hexagon, and tighten nuts m 50 N.' moment.
4. Screw the steering shock-absorber by means of a new samokontryashcheysya of a nut, tightening it with m 35 N.' moment to steering draft.
5. Put forward wheels so that at removal the put marking coincided. Screw wheels. Remove the car from supports and tighten bolts of fastening of wheels with m 110 N.' moment in a crosswise order.
6. Check a convergence.

For safety before a trip be once again convinced that on all hinges of drafts are put new самоконтрящиеся nuts and they are tightened with the correct moment.