Unattended rechargeable batteries

The Mercedes C-class cars are serially equipped with the rechargeable battery which is not demanding complex maintenance. In this rechargeable battery is not necessary more as before to add the distilled water, but nevertheless it is necessary to pay attention to some points of maintenance.

On a cover of the accumulator there is an air vent through which it can "breathe". That electrolyte did not pour out, it is impossible to incline the battery more than on 45 °.

It is possible to use standard chargers to charging. The accumulator can be charged as well by means of the fast-charger.

The most favorable temperature for storage of the rechargeable battery is in limits of 0-27 °C. At these temperatures the rechargeable battery has the lowest interest of a self-discharge.

Protect poles of the accumulator and rub in them polar lubricant of the BOSCH brand.