Lamps of passing, driving and fog beam

1. Barrier бюгель (collar)
2. Case cover
3. The plug for passing beam
4. The plug for driving beam
5. Boss of a lamp of parking fire
6. The plug for anticreeping light
7. Glow lamp of passing beam
8. Glow lamp of driving beam
9. Glow lamp of parking light
10. Glow lamp of fog light
11. A clip for a lamp of passing beam
12. A clip for a lamp of driving beam
13. A clip for a lamp of fog light


Switch off the switch of the corresponding lamp.

1. Open an engine cowl.
2. Cast away outside a wire bracket (1) and remove cases (2).
3. Remove the shtekkerny socket from the corresponding lamp.
4. Lamps of passing, driving and fog beam: unhook clips and take a lamp. Insert a new lamp so that ledges entered the corresponding cuts in the case. Insert a lamp for a fog light together with the wire going to the car.
5. Parking light (front position lamp): remove the lamp holder together with the glow lamp. Take a lamp from the holder and replace it. At insertion record the lamp holder.
6. Spread the protection cover and record the supporting bracket.