12.2. Forward door

Driver's door

1. Covering
2. Sealing laying
3. A-rack bolts
4. Protective sleeve
5. The aligning bolt


1. Completely lower a window of a door of the driver.
2. Wring out a covering (1) and by means of the special tool turn to the right of an internal tetrahedron disconnect blocking of tetrahedral shtekerny connection of a door.
3. Remove sealing laying.
4. Unscrew a bolt (13) of a door brake (10). 14 - a tetrahedron in a bolt head.
5. Note position of door hinges concerning a surface of their prileganiye, for example, lead round them a chertilka or an otkernuyta above and below. As a result adjustment of this door at installation will not be required.
6. Unscrew four hinged bolts (3) and together with the assistant slightly disconnect a door from a door pillar.
7. Disconnect a protective sleeve (4) from a rack of a door and take shtekkerny connection (11).
8. Remove a door, trying not to damage a varnish covering.


1. Insert shtekkerny connection (11) and close a stopper, having turned outside.
2. Fix by spring clips a protective sleeve (4).
3. Establish a door and slightly fix by fastening bolts.
4. So adjust the provision of a door that hinges coincided with the put marking.
5. Mount covering (1).
6. Twirl with the moment 25 N. of m a bolt (13) of fastening of a door brake to a door pillar.
7. Attach covering (1 and 2).
8. Adjust a door, twirl the aligning bolt (5) with 25 N.' moment m and bolts of hinges (3) with m 35 N.' moment.


If the door is insufficiently driven after dismantling, it should be adjusted.

1. Turn off a protective cover (7) of the door lock (8).
2. Adjustment is made by weakening of hinged bolts and removing of a door. Hinges have openings more, than diameter of bolts, so the hinge can be moved.
3. For adjustment of the sizes of joints weaken hinged bolts (6) on a body, without unscrewing them. Adjust the size of a joint movement of a door. So adjust a door that in relation to the body details located close the gap was parallel also identical size.
4. Adjustment of a door to a body contour: if the door in the closed state insufficiently densely applies to a body, weaken hinged bolts (3) and (5) on a door and respectively move a door. The back door has to enter at most on 1 mm in front inside further, than a forward door.
5. Screw up a protective cover of the door lock (7) until then that it could be shifted easy blows of the rubber hammer.
6. Adjust a protective cover of the door lock in the lower area of a door. Close a door and level, as a result of it also the provision of a protective cover of the door lock is leveled. Then carefully open a door and tighten screws of a protective cover. Better to control movement, before weakening of screws outline a felt-tip pen the provision of a protective cover. Tighten screws of fastening of a protective cover of the lock with m 30 N.' moment.
7. Check the correct prileganiye of sealing laying of a door to the roof edge of the car. If the door in a closed position is located faultlessly, tighten hinged bolts.