12:28. Car wing


1. Remove a front bumper.
2. Remove lamps of indexes of turn.
3. Remove an internal wing.
4. Remove decorative levels (moldings) hands or wring out the wide plastic pallet.
5. Open a door and unscrew back bolts of a wing of the car.


At the same time paste over with the gluing tape a door in working area not to damage a varnish covering.

6. Unscrew a wing from below.
7. Unscrew a wing from above (five bolts) and from below in the field of a bumper.
8. Unscrew two bolts in a cut for indexes of turn.
9. Unscrew bolts on a blenda below a headlight and remove a blenda.
10. Extend a wing forward and remove it.


1. Cover a car wing with enough protective lubricant for the bottom from within.
2. Establish and level a wing. The wing has to be flush with the closed forward door or to be at most 1 cm higher. The gap between a wing and the closed engine cowl, and also a forward door should be checked.
3. Screw all bolts of fastening and smoothly tighten.
4. Double-check position of a wing of the car.
5. Preserve a cavity over an internal wing wax through a cut of indexes of turn.

From above in a wing before putting wax to paste over an opening with an adhesive tape. After putting wax to shoot the film.

6. Establish a bumper.
7. Establish an internal wing.
8. Mount the blinking index of turn.
9. Fix decorative levels.