3.2.6. Natyazhitel of a chain

The noise arising during the work of a chain can be caused by shortcomings of functioning of the tension device. Sort and check it. If necessary replace the tension device in a set.

Natyazhitel of a chain (244) is screwed on the right side in a head of the block of cylinders. Through an opening in a head of the block of cylinders in a natyazhitel of a chain engine oil moves under pressure.

The chain stretches under action of force of a spring of compression (230) and pressure of oil in a natyazhitel. Pressure of a clip of a finger (233) upon the tire of management (215) is supported to constants by means of the backpressure valve (227/228) and the valve of restriction of pressure (227/231), i.e. does not depend on oil pressure in the engine.

Unscrew a natyazhitel of a chain for a six-sided head (235) from a head of the block of cylinders.


1. Place a natyazhitel of a chain with a press finger in the SAE 10 engine oil. Level of oil has to be slightly above a side of a six-sided head of a natyazhitel. Press 7–10 times on press a finger a press.
2. After filling with oil the natyazhitel has to contract slowly, evenly and with big power effort. Otherwise replace it.



Mount a natyazhitel of a chain only in the state filled with oil.

Establish a natyazhitel of a chain with use of new sealing laying and tighten fastening bolts with m 80 N.' moment. At the same time press the finger has to adjoin to a ledge of a sled of a tension.