9.2.8. "Cunning" bolts and nuts

Becoming the car owner, each of us tries in all ways known to it to protect the child from encroachments. If "internals" are anyway protected from undesirable influence from possible offenders, then everything that is outside, is subject not only to winds, but also "careful" hands of "professionals".

If you decided to buy set of four bolts ("sekretok") and a key adapter, we advise you not to hurry. Having passed only on one automobile market, we counted 12 kinds of such sets. The prices of them fluctuate depending on material of which they are made, and originality of a design.

There are obvious consumer goods representing a bolt clown with the same key. The bolt with the big height of an eccentric head has no protection against twisting by an alligator wrench. This option can interest owners of those cars on whom there are cast disks with a deep seat under "sekretka". The price of such protection – from 3 to 5 c.u.

Bolts with scrolled a protective ring and everything with the same clown cost up to $10. But the ring makes unpleasant sounds when driving, making an impression that tied a rope with cans to the car. Many get rid of this noise, having tightened up under the bolt basis a simple elastic band from hair curlers.

Having reached the price in 15 c.u., confidential bolts begin to remind any more not "ugly ducklings" who were starved to rust on a counter under the open sky, but white swans, is proud raising the steel head over a lot of everyones шайбочек, гаечек, the small screws, прокладочек lying right there. As a rule, these "sekretka" differ in high workmanship, the corresponding heat treatment and existence of a sheeting.

Too there is a lot of design options. All of them, as a rule, with the protective ring fixed on a bolt through the rubber sealant saving from extraneous noises. Have not one, but two keys (one spare). Forms of "secrets" are rather various. Beginning from the simplest, but already improved clowns, before intricate shlitsevy connections: these as it seems to us, the most reliable and convenient at installation.

Those which cost – from 15 to 25 c.u. belong to the last class. These copies as if descended from cloths of avant-gardists. Here to you both "trekhlistnik", and a nut of irregular shape, and the truncated cone, and bolts with turnkey openings reminding the sign "Driving — the Deaf". All of them are made with a protective ring. Is very convenient and practical, but come across also the raising doubts in the suitability to work.

Buying by "sekretka" from us in the city, you are, as a rule, not insured from the fact that the malefactor has no same key also. The matter is that producers will hardly change the sizes of bolts and keys to them, providing identity of each set. Therefore, if to put the "sekretka" then acquired in other city. Or to order specially from the familiar turner. In this case the probability that your wheel will get to the neighbor in the parking is already less, but...

And still to establish sense sekretka is – potential applicants for your wheels technically unsophisticated boys are eliminated, "unauthorized" removal of wheels requires extra time, and as a result of careless manipuliyation of competent malefactors the alarm system installed by car can manage to work. If, of course, malefactors are not rather competent that "to neutralize" it.

Let's not go into technical details, tempting thus "irresponsible". Let's tell only that if owners of light-alloy wheels with the deepenings hiding heads of bolts can "sleep peacefully" in the presence of one "sekretka" on a wheel, then steel disks it makes sense to fix three-four "cunning" bolts (or nuts), it is desirable different that is rather expensive and troublesome. However, the healthy sleep is more expensive.