Check of level of brake fluid

The tank with brake fluid is located in a motor compartment. It is divided into two cameras, on one for each contour of the brake drive. The screw lock has an air vent which should not be littered. The tank is transparent so the level of brake fluid can be checked outside at any time. Expediently through regular periods to look at a tank.

Liquid level at the closed cover has to be between the marks "max" and "min" which are squeezed out on a tank.

Fill in brake fluid only of the DOT 4 specification.

Because of wear of brake disks there is an insignificant decrease in level of brake fluid. It is considered the normal phenomenon.

But if during short time the level of brake fluid strongly decreases, then it is a sign of its leak.

In this case it is necessary to find the place of leak immediately. For safety it is necessary to check the brake system in specialized auto repair shop.