3.1.10. Camshafts


If details of control of valves are used again, they need to be established on the same places. To avoid confusion, it is recommended to manufacture the corresponding panel for their storage. Camshafts are dismantled in the direction up at the established head of the block of cylinders.


1. Disconnect a wire of "mass" of the battery.

At a detachment of the battery the anticreeping code of radio is extinguished.

2. Remove a forward cover.
3. Install the first cylinder on 20 ° below ignition VMT.
4. Instruction: in such situation (20 ° below VMT) it is possible to turn camshafts at the removed chain of management so that valves did not adjoin to the piston basis.
5. Uncover a head of the block of cylinders.
6. Remove a natyazhitel of a chain.
7. Paint designate the provision of the operating chain concerning both gear wheels of the operating chain of camshafts. For this purpose put a stroke through a chain and a chain wheel.
8. Unscrew a gear wheel of the final camshaft a wrench with T40 nozzle, holding at the same time the camshaft at a hexagon. Remove a camshaft gear wheel.
9. Remove the operating chain from a gear wheel of the inlet camshaft.
10. Turn camshafts Rozhkov a key that all main circles of cams adjoined to dish-shaped pushers. Thanks to it camshafts without tension are fixed in bearings.

Camshafts are very sensitive to breakage.

11. Unscrew a cover of bearings of camshafts.
12. Unscrew all bolts of this cover of the bearing cross-wise at first on 1/2 turns, then all bolts on 1 turn and then finally turn off.
13. Uncover the bearing.
14. Take camshafts.


1. Carefully clear all assembly parts flushing gasoline, clear sealing surfaces.
2. Oil engine camshafts, dish-shaped pushers and installation sites of bearings.
3. Install camshafts so that whenever possible all main circles of cams adjoined to dish-shaped pushers.

The inlet camshaft can be installed with or without camshaft gear wheel. If the camshaft is replaced, pay attention to the correct coordination. The index of camshafts is installed at the second bearing on the camshaft.

4. Establish covers of bearings of a cam-shaft in the appropriate sequence.
5. Number bearings and covers of camshafts one after another from 1 to 10.
6. Tighten covers of bearings alternately with the moment of an inhaling of 20 N. of m.
7. Impose a chain of management from above on a gear wheel of the inlet camshaft and the tire of sliding.

For the 2,2 l engine: turn the regulator of camshafts about a gear wheel of the inlet camshaft (75) in situation "spat" (late) against the stop in the direction of rotation of the camshaft.

8. Establish a gear wheel of the final camshaft in the operating chain and tighten a new bolt with a fillet with the moment 20 N. of m. Then tighten a bolt in the same direction Rozhkov a key on 90 °.
9. Check coincidence of the marking put at dismantle on gear wheels of the camshaft and the operating chain.
10. Establish a natyazhitel of a chain.
11. Establish a cover of a head of the block of cylinders.
12. Establish a forward cover.
13. Connect a wire of "mass" of the battery (–).
14. Expose time on hours.
15. Set an anticreeping code of radio.