8.1.12. Prestarting heating of diesel fuel

To guarantee the normal fluidity of diesel fuel and thanks to it to prevent obstruction of fuel-supply lines and filters, in particular at big cold weather, fuel is warmed up previously according to ambient temperature.

The Toplivopodkachivayushchy pump sucks in fuel from a tank via the fuel filter of rough cleaning. At the same time diesel fuel directly proceeds in front of the toplivopodkachivayushchy pump of the fuel thermostat which depending on temperature of fuel defines extent of prestarting heating of fuel.

2,0 l engine

2,0 l engine (party of low pressure)

1. Pump of nozzles
3. Fuel pump
15. Perepuskna valve
30. Nozzles
43. Filter of rough purification of fuel
50. Oil discharge hose
63. Fuel tank
73A. The Drosseliruyushchy opening in the top part of the fuel filter
86. Fuel thermostat. The thermostat is closed, fuel is not warmed up.
89. The device with the central fastening
148. Fuel heat exchanger
A – An admission from a tank
B – The pipeline to the fuel pump
C – The giving line to the heat exchanger
D – Inflow from the heat exchanger
E – Supply of cooling liquid
F – Party of an obeganiye of cooling liquid

For prestarting heating diesel fuel arrives from the thermostat through the line giving diesel fuel (C) to the heat exchanger (148) to the fuel giving line (E), through a drain of diesel fuel (D) again back in the thermostat and from there by means of the fuel pump in the fuel filter.

If temperature of fuel is below 18 °C, the thermostat is completely open and all amount of fuel flows via the heat exchanger. At a temperature from 18 to 30 °C the mixed mode prevails, i.e. fuel partially flows via the heat exchanger and partially directly to the toplivopodayushchy pump. At a temperature above 30 °C supply of fuel to the heat exchanger from the thermostat stops.

The thermostat is installed outside on the heat exchanger. And – supply of fuel from the fuel tank, In – the inlet pipeline to the fuel pump, E – an input of cooling liquid, F – an exit of cooling liquid.

2,2 / 2,5 l engines

Fuel flows in front of the fuel filter via the heat exchanger which is screwed in sideways in a cylinder head. In the heat exchanger the thermoelement which depending on temperature of fuel directs its stream in whole or in part via the heat exchanger is above got: from 18 °C to 30 °C the mixed mode, over temperature of 30 °C – without prestarting heating.