3.2.3. Cars with the conditioner


Do not open a contour of circulation of cooling liquid of the conditioner as liquid contains substances which at contact with skin can cause a frostbite. At removal of the engine it is also impossible to open a contour of circulation of cooling liquid.

1. Take off maple a ridge belt.
2. Unscrew the refrigerating compressor (shooters) and hang it together with the connected wires sideways on a body.
3. Cars with adjustment of height: unscrew oil hoses of the delivery oil pump (arrow). If the double pump is installed, disconnect oil pipelines from the pump.
4. Suck away the special syringe hydraulic oil from the tank of the amplifier of steering. Unscrew and curtail hoses. Collect the flowed-out liquid by a rag.
5. Automatic transmission: clips for hoses draw oil cooler oil pipelines.
6. Unscrew oil pipelines (shooters) of the air oil cooler.
7. Mechanical transmission: previously having wrung out lock clips, remove rods of forks from transmission handles. *
8. Unscrew hydraulic hoses of the sensor of coupling (arrow).*
9. Automatic transmission: disconnect the lever mechanism of switching from the transmission and remove an element of connection of wires of switches of blocking of start and tail light (S 16/1). Disconnect an element of connection of wires Kickdown - the magnetic valve on the right side of the transmission. *
10. If is available, unscrew the tachometric inductive sensor (shooter) and unscrew two lower bolts of a starter. Put the connecting wire aside. If the engine is removed without transmission, remove a starter. *
11. Unscrew the sensor of the speed (L3).*
12. Unscrew a wire of "weight" between a starter and a body.
13. If the engine separates from the transmission, remove a starter.
14. Unscrew a side support of the gas device from the transmission. *
15. Unscrew the convector on average the tunnel. *
16. Unscrew the driveshaft from the transmission and wring out it from a box. *
17. Weaken bolts of the intermediate bearing of the driveshaft, unscrew nuts and advance the driveshaft as it is possible further back. *
18. Bring under the transmission a jack with wooden intermediate laying and slightly displace (raise) a box.
19. If the engine separates from the transmission, unscrew the bolts connecting them from below.

20. Pick up a cable to the engine. For this purpose pass the corresponding cable or a chain throughout eyes of the engine (arrow). Slightly shift the engine by means of the crane.
21. Dismantle a back arm of the engine with a support, unscrew a nut (47) and bolts (48).*
22. Turn off from below bolts with an internal hexagon (shooter) of a forward support of the engine from a cross support of a frame of the car.
23. Unscrew the top bolts connecting the engine and the transmission.
24. Separate the engine from the transmission by means of mount and take it (raise).
25. Lift the engine with the transmission in situation obliquely, adapting an inclination for rise height. Maximum inclination of about 45 °.


Lift the engine carefully not to damage a car body. At the same time especially you watch a back eye of the engine and an oil filter. Besides, check whether everything is disconnected from the engine.

26. If the engine and the transmission is dismantled together, then disconnect a transmission flange.